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Multimedia Archive: Terrorism Hits America

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

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Photo Essays
´ The 22 Suspected Terrorists
´ Target: Afghanistan

´ Information on the Suspected Hijackers
´ Back to Work
´ View from Above
´ America Rallies
´ Searching for Life
´ World Trade Center: On the Street
´ Terrorism Hits America
´ Attack on the World Trade Center
´ Attack on the Pentagon

´ Graphic: WTC Layout

´ Allied Target Locations
´ Oct. 7 Strikes in Afghanistan
´ Downtown Manhattan
´ Rescue and Relief Map
´ Afghanistan

´ Flash: Flights' Paths

News Developments  
´ 10/02/01: British PM Blair Warns Taliban
´ 10/03/01: Ex-Soviet Scientists May Be Lending Hand to Terrorists
´ 10/04/01: Pakistani Officials Blame Bin Laden for Attacks
´ 10/04/01: British PM Blair Reveals Bin Laden Details
´ 10/07/01: Bush Announces Military Action Against Afghanistan 
´ 10/08/01: U.S.S. Carl Plays Major Role in Air Strikes

The Terror Attacks on the U.S. 
´ 10/04/01: Police Scanner Calls as WTC Tower Two Collapses
´ 9/11/01: Exclusive FNC Footage of Pentagon Attack

The Aftermath 
´ 10/01/01: Cantor Fitzgerald Holds Memorial Service

America Responds
´ 9/27/01: Suspected Hijackers Photographs Released  
´ 10/02/01: Past Terrorists are Studied in Effort to Fight Bin Laden
´ 10/04/01: Is ChicagoÝs Sears Tower a Target?
´ 10/04/01: Partisanship Re-Emerges in Congress
´ 10/04/01: Americans Wary of Possible Overseas Attacks
´ 10/05/01: Troops in Afghanistan Have More to Fight Than Soldiers
´ 10/05/01: Will Pictures from Space Compromise Intelligence?
´ 10/08/01: Attacks Won't Halt NYC's Columbus Day Parade
´ 10/08/01: 53rd Annual Emmy Awards Cancelled 

´ 9/16/01: Ted Olson
´ 9/16/01: Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Part I
´ 9/16/01: Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Part II
´ 9/17/01: N.Y. Governor George Pataki

Background Info
´ 9/25/01: Is the Canadian Border a Terrorist's 'Backdoor' into the U.S.?
´ 10/04/01: Is Aid to Afghans Strengthening the Taliban?
´ 10/04/01: Can Crop Dusters Effectively Dispense Biochem Agents?

´ Four Hijacked Plane Routes 


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Troops Under Deployment, Called Up
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World Trade Center Facts
Major Developments
Wednesday, October 10
10/10/01: Taliban: 'No Restrictions' on Bin Laden
10/10/01: Bush Unveils List of 22 Most Wanted Terrorists
10/10/01: Networks Kill Bin Laden Videos
Photo Essays
The 22 Suspected Terrorists
Target: Afghanistan
The 19 Suspected Hijackers
Back to Work
View from Above
America Rallies
Searching for Life
WTC: On the Street
Attack on the Pentagon
Terrorism Hits America
World Trade Center Attack
Photo Essay Archive
Flash: Flights' Paths
Graphic: WTC Layout
Multimedia Archive
The planned and actual paths of the four planes
Allied Target Locations
Oct. 7 Strikes in Afghanistan
Downtown Manhattan
Rescue and Relief
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